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University Students

• Westwood aims to enrich the academic experience of university students with a variety of cultural seminars tailored to
your interests.

• Cultural get-togethers aim to help you
discover other interests, whether academic, professional or extra-curricular, in an informal setting, giving you the opportunity to share personal experiences.

• A mentoring program is also available.

• Westwood offers room and board to full-time undergraduate women registered in one of Calgary's universities. We seek students who share the goal of making your school year enriching for everyone in the residence. Space is limited.

High School Students

• Friday afternoons and evenings high-school students from grades 8-12 come to Westwood for a wide selection of activities whose common threads are friendship, personal growth, fun and positive peer relations.

• From sharing tasks in the house to visiting and/or performing for the elderly
in Bethany Care Center, self-giving becomes a way of character building.

• Movie/pizza nights are regularly held:
a chance to invite new friends to the club and chat about the best films of the present and ... of the past...
(Westwood staff leaders select films and facilitate lively discussions).

Professional Women

In the workplace as well as at home, each woman has something unique to offer. Westwood organizes intellectual and cultural programs to help women recognize their personal worth, deepen friendships, and strengthen their characters and professional commitments. Join other women who seek to be positive influences in society and receive the encouragement and support you need to be your best. 


Contact Westwood for current programs available for professional women.

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