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Heritage Park 

Participation, communication
and fellowship are essential to
organization of our activities.

These activities foster an environment of fun and confidence, where girls can cultivate character, develop leadership skills, and grow in friendship. Both cultural and educational activities help ignite girls’ desire to make a positive difference in the world wherever they are.



Trick or Eat

We believe in participation as a way of awakening capacities of self-knowledge and self-expression. In Canada over 4 million individuals (1.15 million children) do not have access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food. Westwood Cultural Centre is making a difference and you can too! By supporting or participating in Trick or Eat, you can help meet immediate needs in your own community as a step towards challenging hunger and poverty - and have a ghoulishly good time for an awesome cause!





"I have attended activities promoted by Westwood starting with a club focused on virtues.These seminars, social projects, clubs and many other activities have helped form the person I am and continue to inspire me to strive for higher ideals. Being around the other students who attend these activities has also had a big impact on me; we share a desire to perfect our study, our daily life and our interactions with our family, friends and classmates. We encourage each other to make positive contributions to our communities and recently I helped to organize a fundraiser for Saxum, a project for peace in the Holy Land."       T.O., Calgary, AB (Grade 12 Student)

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Sharing Gifts

We believe in the unique and irreplaceable role that each woman plays in society. We help young ladies discover and fully develop their talents to become women of confidence and integrity. When young ladies gather at Westwood they are encouraged to share their talents and gifts. One such evening resulted in much laughter and some very delectable masterpieces.

Giving Back 

We promote service to others as the path to a more just and harmonious society. On that note, several young ladies shared their harmony as they ventured into the community and braved the cold for some singing that was enjoyed by all.


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